How To Track WhatsApp Chat Of Others?

In today’s article we’ll be focusing on a query that has become quite a humdrum now, everybody wants to know how to track WhatsApp chat of other people! It’s like the talk of the town – all of a sudden people are curious, they want to know everything that they can extract! Call it invasion of privacy or whatever, but this is one article you should pay attention to..

How To Track WhatsApp Chat Of Others?

Spy WhatsApp?

What you read above is an extremely sensitive issue – you simply can’t think to spy somebody’s WhatsApp. Firstly, you should consider where you stand, for instance, are you an employer who wants to spy its employee? or are you a worried parent who wants to ensure that the kid’s are not setting up something wrong for themselves? Likewise, there are many ways you would want to ensure yourself that you’re indeed legal to spy WhatsApp.

Once sorted out, you need to understand that this task is not some military training course, it is as simple as installing a software and later on reviewing the information gathered by it. Lets go through some random facts one should know about WhatsApp:

  • WhatsApp is “kinda” free – This increases it’s chances of being misused!
  • It’s FREE from ads, games and other nonsense – Giving the users an interrupted performance.
  • Gives freedom to share multimedia – who knows what your loved one’s are sharing?

Let’s not make this post totally about the best of WhatsApp *Stay Focused*, above given reasons are enough to justify that without a doubt WhatsApp is used for ‘other’ reasons as well.

WhatsApp Tracker: An Archetypal Tool For Monitoring?

WhatsApp chats needs to be checked on, especially of your children. You can’t avoid the dirty tricks your kids could end up in. You can easily track all WhatsApp chats and other stuff. WhatsApp Tracker will be your ideal tool to provide you access to these chats in a secret mode. Go through the following steps:

  • Buy the app (we suggest using Spymaster Pro WhatsApp Spy, visit for more information)
  • Install the app on your target device.
  • Login to your online user account from any web enabled device.
  • Access WhatsApp chat w.r.t to date, time, name, number and other multimedia details.

Following the above steps will make it easy for anybody to spy WhatsApp, provided that they are legal to monitor the chats and have fair access to the target device.

How To Track My Husband’s Cell Phone Location

Lately a lot of queries have been dropping in – many wives want to know if there is indeed an easy way to track their husband, know their whereabouts and see what they do during the whole day. The answer to their queries is quite simple – Cell phone tracker app! If you want to know more about it and how it can be beneficial to you, then keep on reading..

 how to track husband cell phone location

A majority of people want to monitor their partner just because they have instincts that they’re being cheated on, and get clues about their husband’s dishonesty. While other simply want to monitor their spouse because it gives them updated information about them; something that will help them in any emergency case. These people just want to ensure the safety of their loved ones, and since it’s not feasible to ring their cell phone every 5 minutes, there was a need to come up with an app that could track a cell phone’s location.

Tracking husband’s cell phone location can be done in various ways, but in this post we’re not going to discuss any irrelevant or less efficient one’s, we’re simply going to talk about Cell phone Tracker app. Nobody would want to bring a relationship to an end just because they had a senseless doubt; understand the importance of your relationship and the consequences which will follow, once you have made up your mind to monitor them.

Install Cell Phone Tracker App In Your Husband’s Cell Phone

If you’re a wife who constantly worries about the whereabouts of your husband, if you think that something bad has happen with your husband, or if you think that they’re not being loyal to you – tracking their cell phone would help you out in this situation. Simply install the Cell Phone Tracker app in their cell phone and let the app provide you with the desired information. It will give you their current GPS location, and apart from this you will be presented other important information as well.

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The app will give you their precise location over a Map in an online user account, which only you’re eligible to access. Moreover you will be able  to see the contacts list, details of the number stored in it, call logs with respect to time and date, SMS logs, emails , web browsing history, instant messenger chats and much more. The app works invisibly, thus making it almost impossible for your husband to find out that their cell phone has been bugged! For more information you can also visit here : .

Is It Possible To Track Someone’s WhatsApp Location?

Have you ever wondered that the location sharing feature of WhatsApp could turn out to be extremely helpful in certain situation? For instance, you are lost and are running late for an important meeting with your friend – what do you do?

The best you can do is send your location to your friend via WhatsApp and ask him to verify whether you’re on right direction or not! Isn’t it easy? Or maybe you can instantly share the place to meet and catch up with your friends.

Track WhatsApp Location Continue reading

4 Spy Apps Available In Google Play Store

Android Spy Apps

Spy Apps For Android

Google Play Store has bounty of free and paid apps, and what makes these apps so much fun is the ‘Free’ factor. Though there are a lot of premium apps that need to be purchased, but one can easily get almost any kind of apps from the store. You just need an android device to experience the flexibility of the apps. 

Continuing with our current trend of showcasing apps for various smartphones, today we will be highlighting mobile spy apps for Android phones. Yes! These apps do provide assistance to a great extent, however it must be clear that these apps give specific and limited information only. Anyhow, most of these are freely available at Google Play Store, though some are paid. Lets see which are these apps (apps are mentioned in random order)!


GhosTrack App

GhosTrack app is helpful to get instant position of any other cell phone. The app is great to stay updated with the locations of your friends and family members. The app points out precisely to the real time GPS location of the other phone. The app also helps to find out a lost or stolen phone.


Spying Droid

Spying DroidSpying Droid is another app which lets you use an android device’s camera and to stream video, take pictures and listen to audio. It is available for android 2.2 and more. The use of camera feature lets you to take solid evidences in form of images, video and audio.

Spy Camera OS

Spy Camera OSSpy Camera OS is a great open source spying app for Android. The app uses android device’s camera to capture images without anyone noticing it. This way one can easily click as many images secretly in a smart way. The app also auto-focuses the camera and it adjusts the camera accordingly to get accurate images. There are many features focusing on the camera details.

Spy Camera

Spy CameraSpy Camera is another app that uses android phone’s camera to capture images in the most hidden way with maximum resolution. The device’s volume buttons can be used to take images without any capture sound or flash and so on. The screen remains black upon the launch of this app, all one needs to do is press the volume button (up and down) to initiate the image capturing. Also there are two modes, in first one the screen remains black to show like your cell phone is off, whereas in second mode the home screen is active and shows wallpaper.

Find Your iPhone With These 4 Useful Apps

Losing your smartphone in this age might cause an irreparable damage to you, your data, your identity,  privacy and much more! Earlier the loss was just limited to the device, but since the smartphones are multitasking tools, a stolen smartphone, particularly a stolen iPhone would pose a major threat. One might lose sensitive data such as contacts, apps, images, videos, audios, don’t forget the loss of your identity, as the new possessor would be able to get into your accounts and other such important information.

The person who has acquired your lost or stolen iPhone has got a free pass to all your online accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook, email accounts, and most probably has a free access to all your login details, credit card details etc. With smartphones, it is much easier for thieves to steal anybody’s identity. While you can’t deny the chances of misplacing your iPhone or the chances of it getting stolen, you can easily work ahead and prevent the chances of losing your  iPhone and its data. Here we have mentioned 4 useful apps to find your lost or stolen iPhone:

4.) Device Locator

Device Locator

Device Locator is a paid app which helps you to track down the location of your lost or misplaced iPhone. You must have this app installed on the iPhone in order to track down the location. Whenever your phone changes the location, it changes the cell towers as well. Therefore the app constantly records the best possible location by switching on the GPS. This recorded location can be checked on the online account, either from an iPhone or a web browser. This app is capable of:

  • Recording location based on every cell phone tower switch.
  • Causing a loud alarm on iPhone from any computer.
  • Remotely clicking image from your iPhone and sending it to your Device Locator account.
  • Locking up all the apps of your phone from the account etc.

3.) Find My Friends

Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a free app by Apple. It is not an app limited to finding your friends, but if used wisely in a situation when you have lost your iPhone, then you can lay your hands on your stolen or lost iPhone. Though the app’s main motive is to help you locate your friends, especially if they’re nearby, you can still use it to search your phone. Use this app through your friends iPhone and hopefully you can know where your iPhone is. The app is capable of:

  • Notifying the user based on the location.
  • See the location on a map.
  • Alerting when the iPhone has left a particular area and entered a new location.

2.) Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is another free app from Apple that lets you find out your misplaced or stolen iPhone, iPod, iPad etc. All you need is use any other iOS device to search for your lost/stolen iPhone. This app needs to be installed on another iOS based device. When you have installed it over the other iOS device, open it and then sign in with your Apple ID. The app will readily help you locate your missing iPhone an a map. The app is capable of:

  • Remotely locking the device.
  • Remotely playing an alarm on the device.
  • Erasing all or some data.
  • Get driving directions to your device.

1.) Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro

Spymaster Pro is a paid software which is equally beneficial for one to track iPhone. Though there is a precondition, the software has to be installed in the iPhone before. Once you have this app on the iPhone you would easily be able to keep a check on the activities of that iPhone. This app can be used in two ways; either as a cell phone spy app or an iPhone tracking app (for your own benefit). The app is capable of:

  • Locating iPhone on a map.
  • Recording Live calls & surrounding noises.
  • Call logs & contacts list.
  • Intercepting instant messenger chats such as Facebook, Skype, Viber.
  • Accessing Image, videos, audio etc.

These are the immaculate and best apps to find your lost or stolen iPhone!

A Review on Top 3 Samsung Spy Softwares

To get connected is a vital human need! And in today’s tech-savvy world, smartphones present themselves to be the best possible option to fulfill this desire. While there are so many manufacturers in the cell phone industry; the name ‘Samsung’ needs no introduction! This popular cell phone company has brought several revolutionary ‘gizmos’ and is still ruling the market!

samsung spy

Within a blink of an eye, you can make calls, send texts, browse internet and much more… Though there are plentiful networking features these cell phones offers us; yet one need to sit and think for a minute- Are we actually connected? None of us really know the truth about what’s happening in the life of someone we do care for. And, at this point, it becomes highly imperative to make ‘smart’ use of your Samsung smartphone.

By using the online spying softwares for Samsung smartphones, you can keep a track on anyone’s activities.  Whether you own one from Galaxy Grand series, Note series or any other Samsung smartphone, here is a brief review of the top 3 Samsung spy softwares available on internet.

Cast a glance!


SG SamsungBeing one of the most efficient spy software available on the web, it lets you track all the activities of an Android smartphone.  Simply installing it on the target device, you can monitor call logging, text messaging, emails, GPS location and graphics or videos. Also, it Supports 8 different languages:  English, French, Korean, Spanish, turkish, portuguese, german and italian.

What’s more?

  • You can intercept and record live calls using this software

  • Robust set of configuration commands are available

  • Gets associated with almost all latest chat apps including Whatsapp, Viber, BBM, Skype etc.

Price: With 3 levels of membership, that includes basic, gold and premium, the cost varies from $59.99 to $199, depending upon the time period of subscription.


579143_742105935805556_403038810_nThis is another hit on the mobile phone spying software list, featuring a range of facilities such as tracking text messaging, GPS location finder, monitoring instant chat messengers, spying calendar and images or videos on the phone.


A list of unique features offered by this spying software is mentioned below:

  • Website Blocking

  • Tools to generate ready made reports

  • Incoming call restriction

  • Key-logging

Price: Ranging from $40 to $500, it comes in 3 packages: basic, gold and premium.

Spymaster Pro

checkThis is another trusted and much popular Android supporting cell phone tracker application, available in the market these days. With its hassle-free installation and robust monitoring interface, it is a wise choice to invest in. A subscribed user can anytime log into his account on Spymaster Pro’s website to check the activities of the targeted device.

It supports:

  • Live call listening and recording

  • GPS tracking

  • Email monitoring

  • Call log reports

  • IMs tracking including whatsapp, viber, facebook, etc.

Price: It is available in two packages, out of which one is Spy master pro basic package which costs $49.95 and the other one is Pro package which costs $84.90.

Folks! Your choice for the best samsung spy software depends upon your tracking requirements and your budget as well. So, evaluate these softwares yourself and grab the best deal!

5 Free Valentine’s Day 2014 Apps For Your Android

With only a few weeks left for Valentine’s day, you’ve got to pull up your socks and get started with finding the perfect way to woo your loved one! It’s probably the best option to plan ahead in advance and spend the day with your loved; do what both of you enjoy; eat, shop, dance – basically have a time of your life!

Free Valentine’s Day 2014 Android Apps

If you want to make your efforts wee bit more effective, then we have compiled a list of 5 free valentine’s day apps for your android mobile. These apps will assist you in gathering some fun ideas and making your day much more pleasing.


5. Valentines Day Special

Valentines Day Special free 2014This app is just about everything you’d expect from a Valentine’s day app for Android phone. It has lots of fancy content; love messages, romantic quotes, love poems, top 10 romantic gifts for his/her, love horoscope, dresses ideas, ringtones for valentine’s day, wallpapers, romantic songs, tips and much more.



4. GO SMS Pro Valentine Day

GO SMS Pro Valentine Day free 2014

Go SMS Pro Valentine Day is another app for your android to get your brain brimming with ideas. The app is free to download and you can have themes, background images, background images for messages, font, colors, and a lot more. You can compose a message easily from the popup dialog which will make things easy for you!



3. Valentines

Valentines Day Special free 2014

With this free app for Valentine’s Day you can easily customize the screen of your android phone. There are touch-sensitive hearts floating around your screen, let the cupid fly away shooting arrows on your screen! There are two frames for you to personalize your pictures and much more! Try this app today from Google play store – it’s free.



2. Valentines Day HD Live Theme

Valentines Day HD Live Theme free 2014

You can easily jazz up your android phone with HD themes for Valentine’s day with the help of this app. Get the best of free wallpapers and use it to enhance your phone (not to forget these will also elevate your mood!).



1. Love Valentine Day Quotes Free

Love Valentine day Quotes Free 2014

Valentine’s Day is much more than just giving away gifts to your loved one! You can always charm your partner with some fabulously romantic quotes or romantic messages using this application. Find love sms’s, poems, quotes and much more on this free app!


So go ahead and make your loved one’s day all the more special by using these apps and wooing them! Don’t miss out on making them feel loved and adored on this Valentine’s day!